Material:Silicone Size: L 5.0? x W 0.95? Color:White Length: 5.0 inches Width:0.95 inches Description Medically researched and designed, its proven effective, self-pivoting device mutually massages the Male G-Spot and the perineum leading to an intensified experience of orgasm. Through the combination and application of current day technology and ancient eroticism, the G-Fantasy is designed to illuminate, intensify, and broaden your world of ecstasy. The G- Fantasy will be a welcome addition to your sex life on your own or with a partner. The anal zone has some of the most elevated number of nerve endings per square inch makes it one of the most pleasurable spots on the human body to stimulate. The G-Fantasy excites, circulates and titillates all the key aspects of an orgasm. Experience the sensation of non-ejaculatory orgasm, without any stimulation to the penis. Many men have claimed that it is the ultimate orgasmic experience. Whether you are looking to explore the health benefits that prostate massage can provide or if just keen on experiencing the exhilarating sensations that accompany those health benefits, the G-Fantasy is your key to that exploration. Item packaging provides detailed application directions with diagram.