Bathmate’s new range of comfortable cushion rings guarantee relaxing and enjoyable pumping sessions. Simply slide a ring over your shaft before you put on your hydropump. Try out Hydromax’s X40 Cushion Pads! The pads are carefully designed to work against testicular ingress into the pump container. The premium cushion rings add safety and comfort to your workouts, each and every time. Bathmate cushion pads are made of a smooth and supple advanced skin-safe material, ensuring an uncomplicated session. The cushion pads conform to the shape of your pelvic seat and fits all body shapes. If you have trouble with the Bathmate digging into your pubic region or skin, these cushion pads are most definitely for you. Give them a try today if you value luxury and comfort.The pads are designed for use with the Hydromax X40. Hydromax X40 Cushion Pads – More info Prevents testicular suction Upholds a better seal and vacuum Increases internal length of hydropump Increased comfort and stimulation Requires no adhesive Extremely durable. One pack is all you need Economically priced The pads are sold in old in packs of two, including one cushion ring with a medium sized hole, plus one with a smaller sized hole. The Hydromax X40 Cushion Rings will also fit smaller Hydromax X30, as well as the Bathmate Hercules. These cushion pads are designed to assist with the overall experience of using Bathmate pumps. Purchase the Hydromax X40 Cushion Pad for added cushioning and stimulation from out of this world.